Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Groundhog, Shadow, Repeat

There are a lot of memes on social media that feature confusion about what day it is. As someone who is still working part-time (albeit from home), I have to make an effort to know if it's, say, Thursday vs. Monday. But the days do blend together, and there is a certain Groundhog Day repetition that sets in. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon walk, dinner, TV, bedtime. On rare days, I actually leave the house for short trips in my car. (That said, I have not bought gas since mid-March.) Life goes on, but its pace and punctuation marks have changed.

Some things that have recently differentiated one day from another:

·      Curbside grocery pick-up day—woohoo
·      The lawn, newly mulched and mowed
·      Discovery of Costco Instacart—TP delivered to my door was a major victory
·      Resumption of (socially distanced) services by my dog’s groomer: my formerly shaggy puppy’s got her groove back
·      A visit to the car wash (it felt so normal to restore a much-needed shine)
·      Daffodils in full bloom, with peonies on their way
·      Snow (wait, what?!)
·      Return of the goldfinches, their cheery yellow darting through greening branches
·      laugh-out-loud article, to remind me of the restorative balm of humor
·      Weekly Zoom get-togethers with my siblings and children (“hold on a sec, you’re still muted”)

Many of us thrive on a predictable routine, but it can be equally rewarding to safely break out of one! What punctuates time for you during these semi-dystopian days? -SB


  1. Graduation festivities! Wonderful surprise to see a "We love our SBHS seniors" sign in our yard today -- with a photo of our son. Very thoughtful and special. Thank you SBHS!

    Also enjoyed planning a dinner for our UVM graduate last weekend. Ordered take-out from Single Pebble -- where we were supposed to co-host a 30-person dinner -- but had to drop it off at her apartment, where she is still diligently quarantining with her roommates. Grateful to Chappell's Florist for curbside flowers and balloons and to Cheese and Wine Traders for the pre-ordered beverages. So amazing what you can make happen online these days!

  2. Have had a lot of similar experiences, especially as they relate to being unsure of what day it is. I woke up a few mornings ago thinking it was Saturday and it wasn't! I am super grateful to those zooming goldfinches and other garden birds whose activities have kept me amused. For some reason we switched to hulled sunflower seeds for some of our feeders and now ours is the most popular bird spot in the neighborhood. Like you, we are able to find things to be grateful for and the better weather with the corresponding ability to spend more time outdoors really helps. And now the library has curbside pick up, I can get a few new books to read, thank you.

  3. The jump into summer was a bit of a shock, as was the radio reminder that the longest day of the year comes up in a couple of weeks. Having the Farmer's Market where I live be open allows me to enjoy the beauty of all the produce, much of which I can't help buy buy to jam into the fridge. An exciting turning point for me was going to get take our burgers and getting to eat them on the porch, under an umbrella - quite a date! Creemees at the stands show that despite it all, Vermont continues. I can't say that days of the week elude me, but I do find that I desire every weekend to have three days. Few goldfinches at my house, so the avian summer symbol is the hummingbird. I think the thing that really hints at a return to more normalcy is planning a plane trip (!) over Labor Day. It will be so nice to see the kids and grandkids if that is possible. Jennifer