Thursday, April 30, 2020

Play Bingo To Win--a Double Layer Cotton Facemask!

Bingo Board

The Library is still closed, and it can be hard to get to the bookstore. What do you do if there is nothing to read? Take our Viral Reading Challenge and “get the reading bug!”

Look around you. Are you sure there is nothing to read? This bingo board challenges you to find something to read right where you are. We hope you will share your thoughts about what you find to read below or on the library's Facebook page. 

Library staff is also available to help you access  ebooks and audiobooks, streaming videos, classes to take, and articles to read. Contact us or visit our YouTube Channel for tutorials.
Our hope is that between the hidden gems you have at home and the extensive virtual opportunities the library offers, you will have plenty to read!

Download your own printable bingo board here! Print it, fill it out, and take a photo to send to Or you can mail it in to South Burlington Library, 155 Dorset Street, South Burlington, Vermont 05403. If you don't have a printer, ask us to mail a paper copy to your home!

Act quickly for a chance to win a quality cotton face mask. 


  1. I'm very lucky to have been a part of the Cookbook Club on and off since it's inception at SBPL. I've been so inspired by some of the cookbooks that I've actually bought them - or those that others recommended. Coming up we are eating Mexican food together, so I decided to read this cookbook, Mexican Everyday, by Rick Bayless (and cross that box off my viral bingo board!)
    A lot of cookbook reading for me is looking at the pictures, so it was fun to actually settle in with a good (cook) book and read. The author/chef tells me a little about himself in the introduction and above each recipe, where he's been and what inspired him. Reading this cookbooks was like enjoying a mini autobiography plus lots of easy, delicious recipes. I had just bought goat at the newly opened (hurray!) farmer's market so I am trying Slow-Braised Goat Jalisco-Style!

  2. What a great idea! Sometimes I get stuck on reading the same type of books - this really inspires.

  3. Almost done with my bingo card! I have for sure been reading plenty of cookbooks- perusing recipes is a great pasttime when we are doing so much at home cooking.

  4. This bingo card is a great idea - sharing with my family as we are always stuck on the same genre.